Happy Mother’s Day Macaron Wreath


Treat Mum to the Perfect Sweet on Her Special Day!

Two-flavored Macaron Wreath

Featured TWO fruity flavor in one

Strawberry yogurt with raspberry jam / Passionfruit with mango orange jam

All made with natural fruit puree. Our house-made jam boasts the vibrant essence of freshly picked fruits, lovingly crafted with natural ingredients.


Order Information

6 inch = 15cm
7 inch = 18cm

Website Order is available for pick-up from

6D Kent St, Newmarket

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Storage Advice

Whole size cake/Petit cakes/Macarons

Store in the refrigerator before serve. All cakes are made fresh on the day, please consume
within 2 days. If travelling home in a long distance over an hour, we advice you to keep the
cakes in a chiller bin in the car. And do not leave the cake in the car, temperature could rise
high. On arrival, place the cakes in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serve.

Pantry Dessert


Store at room temperature and consume within 2 days


Store at room temperature. Caneles are best serve on the day if you enjoy the crunchy shell of
the fresh caneles. Otherwise, can be kept up to 3 days.

Cookie jar/ Meringue cookie

Our cookie jar are baked on a weekly basis, after they leave the store, they can be kept at cool
dry place without direct sunlight for another 10-12 days if unopened. Once opened, please
consume in 3 days.

Meringue cookie jar can be kept at cool dry place without direct sunlight for 2 weeks if
unopened. Once opened please consume in 5 days, and make sure the lids are closed tight at
all times.

Popsicle cake
Store in a cool dry place without direct sunlight, consume within 3 days.

Allergy Warning

Please be aware that we work in a small and busy kitchen. We take care of every product we make, but there is still a chance of cross-contamination with allergens.

We use ingredients which may contain traces of nuts, dairy, eggs and gluten.



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6 pack

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